What We Do

At DOS Atelier, we take pride in our versatility. You come to us with a project, an idea, and we deliver the finished product. To achieve this, we work through several stages.

Understanding your website goals & design

It is crucial for us to fully understand your requirements before we begin building. In this initial stage, we will:

1. Define a goal

Ensure that we are on the same page regarding your envisioned outcome.

2. Clarify your visual identity

Collect your graphic identity, including your logo, color palette, typography, photos, and an idea of the content you want on your website.

3. Propose a mockup

Present a mockup  created with Figma, illustrating how your website will look. If it meets your approval, we move on; otherwise, we make adjustments until you are satisfied.

Build your website

Your part is done; now you can relax and let us do our job. We will transform the approved mockup into a real website.

1. Find your perfect domain name

Start by selecting a domain name you like, and we’ll handle the setup.

2. Determine the technical package

We will brainstorm on the language and technologies best suited for your project.

3. Build the project

Once the decisions are made, we proceed to construct your digital presence page by page.

4. Testing and Delivery

We incorporate your feedback, making necessary changes until your vision is realized.

How we handle your website's visibility

Now you have a fantastic website under your name. But we won't leave you to manage it alone. We're here to help you launch.

1. Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

We ensure your site is indexed by search engines and optimised for higher rankings. We provide optimised titles and meta- descriptions for each page, anticipate search engine queries, and optimise your structure and keywords.

2. Prepare the field for you

We implement the tools for performance tracking.


The first three stages are included when purchasing a website with us. However, if you already have a website or enjoyed working with us and aren't ready to say goodbye, we offer additional services.

1. Security and Technical Updates

We perform all security updates and renew your subscriptions, hosting, and domain names annually.

2. Content Updates

Need to change an image or text? Don’t worry about learning how to code; we’ll handle it for you.

3. Pro SEO

Achieving top results on Google requires time and effort. Let us take care of it with our proven strategies. For more information, contact us.

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